We Are Trend Setters, Not Trend Followers

Our team takes the roads less travelled and leverages our relationships for the betterment of our investors. Investors invest in specific real estate deals on properties of interest. Each property is owned in a single purpose entity in order to maintain each asset on its own merits.

Redevelopment Is A Primary Focus Of Our Development Team

By choosing this path, we are able to achieve greater returns at lower rent thresholds. This strategy allows us to weave our way through multiple market conditions with minimal disruption and well above average returns.

Repositioning assets gives us the ability to beautify properties in underserved markets while building substantial returns for our investors. Our deep relationships with tenants, landlords, contractors, and municipalities give us the ability to move swiftly with conviction and purpose.

Achieve Above Market Returns

Whether you have $100,000 or $100,000,000 to invest, we can put your money to work in assets that continue to achieve above market returns. We accomplish these goals while keeping the entire process fun and fulfilling. This gives our investors the ability to “Have Fun & Prosper!”